Ps2 only strat for Ep 5 OP
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Ps2 only strat for Ep 5 OP

Samura1man mentioned that he remembered skipping the neyla chase in ep 5 operation. Both gnisten and me tried on ps3 and didnt seem to work. i just tried on ps2 and the cutscene trigger at the end of the chase is loaded from the start meaning you can skip the whole chase. As said gnisten and me didnt get this to work on ps3 so im assuming its ps2 exclusive. not sure about how much time save it is but if its worth its only in ILs.

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I believe the chase is just shy of a minute and a half, so time save should be something along the lines of 1:15 to 1:20. I think this is something they (Sucker Punch) patched out rather early, as Sanzaru isn't known for patching stuff for their PS3 remaster, at least not for Sly 2. It would be interesting to see if it works on the jp ps2 version, as that is a patched version (i.e. you can skip the neyla-entering-clockwerk cutscene in ep 8 without corrupting the save)


Wouldnt you need a jp ps2 aswell to it and for only 1 episode?

I'll break it down:

NTSC-U PS2 could be faster for Ep 5 IL's because of this trick. It won't be faster for full game because of loads and reset times.

PAL PS2 has no distinct advantages to NTSC-U PS2 as far as we know.

NTSC-J PS2 we don't know if this works, but that would still be the fastest PS2 console because you can skip that cutscene in Ep 8 without breaking your save file. However, it is still slower than PS3 because of loads and resets.

PS3 has fastest loads and resets, and is still fastest for full game any%.

So the only thing really in question is how much time do you lose in loads for Ep 5 on PS2, and does that make it worth it for the Ep 5 IL?

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Maybe someone has already done a detailed analysis of this but with my PAL Disc and PS2 results were following for Ep 5 IL:

PS2 loses 2:18 vs PS3 in loads, reset times and cutscene lenghts. For the Neyla chase PS2 saves 1:18 vs PS3 (on average).

Verdict: PS2 is still one minute slower for Ep 5 IL than the PS3 PSN version.

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So I tried this on the NTSC-J version and it seems to not work, which makes this NTSC-U and PAL PS2 exclusive.

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