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Where I can report glitches I found? They are useless for me but you are wizards and you can make it useful for a speedrun


You just make a thread like you just did and post the glitch in it. Please also add some kind of footage that makes it easier for people to understand


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It is a glitch


So, I have NO idea how I did this, or if it's even possible in Vanilla, but I do know it happened, and hopefully someone in the community can figure it out. So, I went to turn a quest in for the Jarl of Markarth, and I ran through all his dialogue until the last sentence; which for some reason was unskippable and never automatically closed. Naturally, I spammed this dialogue to no avail. So then I gave up, and cast a spell that was supposed to send me to my modded home, but instead nothing happened at all, and I proceeded to spam again; which again, didn't work. So then I saved and relogged and when I got back to my save I was sent repeatedly into a loadzone for my modded home and I think the reward for the quest was given to me several times aswell.


You bumped an old thread, but yeah this is most likely due to the mods that you've installed, hence why we disallow mods for speedruns, it does seem very similar to a double quest completion glitch which has to due with saving and loading the game at a precise time which causes a quest to be completed multiple times. This can be seen in the Companions Guild speedruns on this page by both Waz and I.

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