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Hey, welcome to anyone interested in running this game.

One general note I should probably post here, is at least on Everdrive (with the current firmware) this game doesn't run properly. Unfortunately until Krikkz updates it, the emulator FCEUX runs it as it was intended to be run. The prototype otherwise is broken on real hardware.

Information about that:


So before anyone rips their hair out trying to figure it out, this is why at least. :)

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Greetings, I Mod the SNES SimCity Leaderboard. Would love to exchange notes sometime with the runners here.

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Hi @CzaR! From my experience doing attempts of this game it plays well, there are a few technical problems being it's a prototype. There is actually a great publication here: https://archive.org/details/simcity-nes/page/n1 which includes all the noted differences (you'll see notes in red as you flip through) between NES/SNES.

Land values/bonuses being broken along with population and crime seemed to be the first issues I ran into during routing. I also couldn't figure out why I would get crime on some runs and not others even though I built the same.

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