How to properly perform the Shrek's Swamp skip

By Master_64Master_64. Last updated

I have gotten a few people talking about how they can't seem to pull off the swamp skip shown in most of the any% runs, so here we are.

This skip is performed by doing a double jump and looking directly at the wall. If you do this right, you should clip through the wall. This can either be very easy or very hard for you to do, since it depends on your FPS (unfortunately). If you have a very low end PC, it can take a lot of attempts or a lot of luck to get past, while if you have a high end PC, you can do it pretty much every attempt, very consistently.

Don't jump to conclusions though, thinking that this game is pay-to-win, because even though it makes this skip easier to pull off, it makes tree clipping harder and makes the ladders more broken.

Looking up increases the chance of clipping.

If you do have a low end PC though and still want to actually get runs, refer to the glitchless route currently being used. You'll lose around 10 seconds, but this doesn't really matter until top 5, and even then, you can still WR with a +10 swamp.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion with newer runners.