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I was wondering if someone had any ideas for more categories? Right now, any% and true% are rather short and extremely rng dependent when it comes to the last fight inside CNPP which can be very frustrating. Would love to hear some ideas, maybe 100% or AllQuests% idk...


The only other categories that would be feasible would be ones that involve getting the other four endings (I'm leaving out the other true ending). I could maybe see doing the main quest line, but you are still going to see luck being factor getting through some of the areas besides the Sarcophagus in an efficient manner (Bandit Base and Wild Territory come to mind).


Just do Call of Pripyat - 100%. Its about all quests, all caches, main heroes must be alive ( Zulus, Sokolov, and ect. ) + the best endings + all achievements.

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I completely forgot to come back to this thread NotLikeThis but i just had an idea. What about Call of Chernobyl? I know its only a mod that combines all 3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games but it has a story mode. I dont know if speedrun.com accepts mods tho

edit1: requested coc to be added and did a full run of it

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