Release patch (1.0000) was found and it is absolutely broken
5 years ago

There's no official opportunity for a downgrade, so you'll have to come to terms with your consciousness. v1.0000 allows for: Timewarp. Press Num * to activate, Num / to deactivate. Makes in-game time go a lot faster, almost instantly replenishing (and wasting - be careful on early levels) your stamina and allowing for a neat HP regen. This also allows us to generate artifacts for ourselves - namely the Stamina ones like the Moonlight, that spawn from an electrical anomaly. The first two anomalies we encounter are in the underpass and in tunnels under Agroprom - the latter gives you better artifacts (2x 36 ones vs 2x 72 and at least 1x 108 stamina bonus). Wait until midnight and you have to collect those before 7AM. They will spawn under any known circumstance, so even in front of your eyes. Skipping cutscenes. Simply press esc when the cutscene is playing to skip it. The armor never wears out, so don't the weapons The prices everywhere are cut in half The medpack, food and energy drink stock is much more generous

Now the bad news: There're no armor drops in the game, so the only way to get new armor is either buy it or get it as a quest reward The flashlight doesn't work on lowest graphic settings - works on "Low" and above The game crashes on Radar and Pripyat - we're still looking into the causes, one known is if you shoot a ghost dog on Radar The lockers on the Bandit base where you kill Borov are locked, there's no way to get what's inside of them

Overall the v1.0000 is a much better run than v1.0006 so I recommend switching to that. Oh, yeah, the load remover doesn't work on 1.0 either. Sorry!

All races in 1.0000 version will be added to another category.!1tRiSYAI!nUH1MfGyuVul2dQKuSus5Q - stalker SoC verison 1.0000 EU!o9BzhQqD!NXPoHlFEFIUqFxNXq1dbIQ - stalker SoC verison 1.0000 RU

Thaks for text and EU verison @thevk

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