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So, I'm just starting to get into this game and need clarification on something. When it says 'time starts as soon as you start a new game', is this defined as selecting New Game on the menu or the moment you gain control of Homer?


Timer starts when you select "Yes" at the "Are you sure you want to start a new game" screen that appears after selecting "new game"


Why don't you just watch one of the many runs on here? I'm sure they show when to start the timer. 😃

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Timer either starts when you hit new game (or yes if you have a save loaded) or alternatively there is a community save for PC runners that saves after the first cutscene or you can make your own on console, but if you choose to do this option set your timer to start at 39.34 or on PC with the autosplitter it should automatically start at the correct time.

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