For keeping track of your progress towards 100% completion. (external link)
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To bind pause on a controller to escape. (external link)
Last Updated:
The Lucas Mod Launcher, runners use it to limit frames and other tools. Please consult the rules for whitelisted mods and please be sure to disable bug fixes & aspect ratio support as those come pre-enabled. (external link)
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Donut Team
Savestate mod made by Donut Team, useful for practice. (external link)
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make sure you disable before running: What it does: 1-3: spawns you at the simpsons house with a pickup truck 4-1: spawns you at the donut shop 4-5 spawns you at the wolves cutscene (because we were looking for cutscene skip/storage on wolves cutscene) 5-6 spawns you by the monorail station before armoured truck 6-4 spawns you by krustylu for duff truck (direct download)
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Used to track exactly where a wasp is in its cycle without it being spawned in (direct download)
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This save has certain things set up to make a NG+ run as fast as possible (although the other save listed is better). (direct download)
A save that contains every non-respawning item (boxes, vending machines, collectibles, etc.). Only unlocks are mandatory costumes and vehicles (direct download)
Has saves for Level 2 through Level 7. (Level one is not included as this would be done through the tutorial save / New Game. Features enough coins to buy things through the level, includes cars from previous levels if necessary. (direct download)
Contains the required outfits for Levels 3/4/5 + Hearse/MBL/OWRC and 1000 coins ready to buy Hover Bike if you wish. (direct download)
Save for skipping the intro cutscene. (direct download)
Bonus game autosplitter. Splits on each lap. Starts automatically when you load into a track. Resets if you load into a track you've already attempted/completed on that attempt. Just click the link and Ctrl+S. (external link)
For practicing individual levels. (direct download)
These are splits that function for levels, but have subsplits for the individual missions. (note: when using these, use the "Subsplits" option instead of "Splits" in your LiveSplit layout.) (direct download)
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