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Afghanistan: Provinces
Africa North Of the Equator: Countries
Africa South Of the Equator: Countries
Africa: 12 Landmarks
Africa: Capitals
Africa: Cities
Africa: Cities (Difficult Version)
Africa: Physical Features
Alabama: Counties
Alaska: Boroughs and Census Areas
Alaska: Tallest Mountains
Albania: Counties
Algeria: Provinces
Ancient Civilizations, Old World
Andorra: Parishes
Angola: Provinces
Antarctica: Physical Features
Antigua and Barbuda: Parishes and Dependencies
AP Human Geography: Regions
Argentina: Province Capitals
Argentina: Provinces
Arizona: Counties
Arkansas: Counties
Armenia: Provinces
Asia: 12 Landmarks
Asia: Capitals
Asia: Cities
Asia: Cities (Difficult Version)
Asia: Countries (with Palestine)
Asia: Physical Features
Australia and New Zealand: Cities
Australia: Capitals of States and Territories
Australia: Cities
Australia: Cities (Difficult Version)
Australia: Greater Adelaide Area
Australia: Greater Melbourne Area
Australia: Greater Perth Area
Australia: Greater Sydney Area
Australia: New South Wales
Australia: Northern Territory
Australia: Physical Features
Australia: Queensland
Australia: South Australia
Australia: States and Territories
Australia: Surrounding Countries
Australia: Tasmania
Australia: Victoria
Australia: Western Australia
Austria: Cities
Austria: Districts
Austria: Districts of Vienna
Austria: Districts of Vienna (Numbers)
Austria: Neighboring Countries
Austria: Rivers and Lakes
Austria: State Capitals
Austria: States
Azerbaijan: Districts and Cities
Baden-Württemberg: rural districts and urban districts
Bahrain: Governorates
Bangladesh: Divisions
Barbados: Parishes
Bavaria: administrative districts and urban districts
Belarus: Cities
Belarus: Regions
Belgium: Cities
Belgium: Municipalities of Brussels
Belgium: Province Capitals
Belgium: Provinces
Belize: Districts
Benelux: Cities
Benin: Departments
Bhutan: Districts
Bolivia: Departments
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation of): Cantons
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Political Divisions
Botswana: Districts, Cities and Towns
Brandenburg: rural districts and urban districts
Brazil: Cities
Brazil: Cities (Difficult Version)
Brazil: Ecosystems
Brazil: Regions
Brazil: State Capitals
Brazil: States
Brunei: Districts
Bulgaria: Provinces
Burkina Faso: Regions
Burundi: Provinces
California: Counties
Cambodia: Provinces
Cameroon: Regions
Canada: Cities
Canada: Cities (Difficult Version)
Canada: Physical Features
Canada: Province Abbreviations
Canada: Province Capitals
Canada: Provinces and Territories
Cape Verde: Municipalities
Central Africa: Capitals
Central Africa: Countries
Central African Republic: Prefectures
Central America: Capitals
Central America: Countries
Central Thailand: Provinces
Chad: Regions
Chile: Regions
China: Cities
China: Cities in Mainland China
China: Province Capitals
China: Province Capitals (no Macau and Taipei)
China: Province Capitals (with Taipei)
China: Provinces
China: Provinces (with Taiwan)
China: Provinces (without Macau and Taiwan)
Cold War Europe (1949-1989)
Colombia: Departments
Colorado: Counties
Colorado: Tallest Mountains
Commonwealth of Nations
Comoros: Autonomous Islands
Connecticut: Counties
Costa Rica: Provinces
Croatia: Counties
Cuba: Provinces
Cyprus: Districts
Czech Republic (Czechia): Cities
Czech Republic (Czechia): Districts
Czech Republic (Czechia): Regions
Delaware: Counties
Democratic Republic of the Congo: Provinces
Denmark: Cities
Denmark: Cities (Difficult Version)
Denmark: Counties
Denmark: Faroe Islands
Denmark: Greenland
Denmark: Greenland, Cities and Towns
Denmark: Islands
Denmark: Municipalities
Denmark: Regions
Djibouti: Regions
Dominica: Parishes
Dominican Republic: Provinces
Earth layers and atmosphere
East Timor: Municipalities and Regions
Eastern Africa: Capitals
Eastern Africa: Countries
Eastern Europe: Countries
Ecuador: Provinces
Egypt: Cities
Egypt: Governorates
El Salvador: Departments
Equatorial Guinea: Provinces
Eritrea: Regions
Estonia: Counties
Eswatini: Regions
Ethiopia: Regional States and Chartered Cities
Europe 1914
Europe 1919
Europe 1939 (March-September)
Europe: 12 Landmarks
Europe: Bodies of Water
Europe: Capitals (Easy Version)
Europe: Capitals (with Pristina)
Europe: Capitals (without Pristina)
Europe: Cities
Europe: Cities (Difficult Version)
Europe: Countries (without Kosovo)
Europe: Country Outlines
Europe: Geographers' Wills
Europe: Mountain Ranges
Europe: Physical Features
Europe: Rivers
Europe: WW2 Events
European Union: Countries
European Union: Countries (before Brexit)
Eurovision Song Contest 2019
Fiji: Divisions and Dependencies
Fiji: Provinces and Dependencies
Finland: Cities
Finland: Regional Capitals
Finland: Regions
Florida: Counties
France (metropolitan): Departments
France (metropolitan): Prefectures
France (metropolitan): Regions
France: Arrondissements of Paris
France: Cities
France: Cities (Difficult Version)
France: Neighboring Countries
France: Overseas France
France: Regional Capitals
France: Regions
France: Rivers
France: Rivers (Difficult Version)
France: Wine Regions
French Speaking Countries
G20 Member Countries
G20 Member Countries, Capitals
G20 Member Countries, Leaders
Gabon: Provinces
Georgia: Counties
Georgia: Regions and Autonomous Republics
Germany: Aachen City Districts
Germany: administrative districts and urban districts
Germany: Cities
Germany: Cities (Difficult Version)
Germany: Cities (Very Difficult Version)
Germany: Districts in Bavaria
Germany: Districts of Berlin
Germany: East Frisian Islands
Germany: Large Landscapes
Germany: Mountains
Germany: Munich Districts
Germany: Neighboring Countries
Germany: North Frisian Islands
Germany: Rivers and Lakes
Germany: Ruhr District
Germany: State Capitals
Germany: States (Bundesländer)
Germany: States with capitals
Germany: Wine Regions
Ghana: Regions
Greece: Administrative regions
Greece: Islands
Greece: Municipalities in Athens
Grenada: Parishes and Dependencies
Guatemala: Departments
Guinea-Bissau: Regions and Autonomous Sectors
Guinea: Regions
Guyana: Regions
Haiti: Departments
Hawaii: Counties
Hesse: administrative districts and urban districts
Honduras: Departments
Hungary: Cities
Hungary: Counties
Iceland: Municipalities
Iceland: Regions
Idaho: Counties
Illinois: Counties
India: Cities
India: States and Union Territories
India: States and Union Territories, Capitals
Indiana: Counties
Indonesia: Cities
Indonesia: Districts of Jakarta
Indonesia: Jakarta Metropolitan Area
Indonesia: Provinces
Iowa: Counties
Iran: Cities
Iran: Provinces
Iraq: Governorates
Ireland (Republic of): Counties
Ireland: Counties
Israel: Districts
Italy: Boroughs of Milan
Italy: Boroughs of Rome
Italy: Cities
Italy: Cities (Difficult Version)
Italy: Islands and Archipelagos
Italy: Provinces
Italy: Regional Capitals
Italy: Regions
Italy: Rivers
Italy: Wine Regions
Ivory Coast: Districts
Ivory Coast: Regions
Jamaica: Parishes
Japan: Cities
Japan: Prefectural Capitals
Japan: Prefectures
Japan: Regions
Japan: Tokyo, Special Wards
Jordan: Governorates
Kansas: Counties
Kazakhstan: Regions
Kentucky: Counties
Kenya: Counties
Kiribati: Atolls and Islands
Kiribati: Island Councils
Kosovo: Districts
Kuwait: Governorates
Kyrgyzstan: Regions
Laos: Provinces
Latin America: Countries
Latitudes and longitudes
Latvia: Cities
Latvia: State Cities and Municipalities
Lebanon: Governorates
Lesotho: Districts
Liberia: Counties
Libya: Districts
Liechtenstein: Municipalities
Lithuania: Counties
Louisiana: Parishes
Lower Saxony: administrative districts and urban districts
Luxembourg: Cantons
Madagascar: Regions
Maine: Counties
Malawi: Districts
Malawi: Regions
Malaysia: States and Federal Territories
Maldives: Atolls and Cities
Mali: Regions
Malta: Regions
Mars: Physical Features
Marshall Islands: Atolls and Islands
Marshall Islands: Municipalities
Maryland: Counties
Massachusetts: Counties
Mauritania: Regions
Mauritius: Outer Islands
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: administrative districts and urban districts
Medieval Europe (1444)
Metropolitan France: departments (number + name)
Metropolitan France: the departments (number)
Mexico: Cities
Mexico: Physical Features
Mexico: State Capitals
Mexico: States
Michigan: Counties
Minnesota: Counties
Mississippi: Counties
Missouri: Counties
Moldova: Administrative Divisions
Monaco: Wards
Mongolia: Provinces
Monsoon Asia: Countries
Monsoon Asia: Islands
Montana: Counties
Montenegro: Municipalities
Morocco: Regions
Mozambique: Provinces
Myanmar: Administrative Divisions
Namibia: Regions
Native American Cultural Groups
Native American Tribes
NATO Member Countries
Nauru: Districts
Nebraska: Counties
Nepal: Provinces
Nevada: Counties
New Hampshire: Counties
New Jersey: Counties
New Mexico: Counties
New York: Counties
New Zealand: Cities
New Zealand: Regions
Nicaragua: Departments
Niger: Regions
Nigeria: States
Norden: Geographer's Wills
North America: Lakes
North America: Physical Features
North America: The Great Lakes
North and Central America: Capitals
North Carolina: Counties
North Dakota: Counties
North Korea: Provinces and Special Cities
North Macedonia: Municipalities
North Rhine-Westphalia: rural districts and urban districts
Northeastern Thailand: Provinces
Northern Africa: Capitals
Northern Africa: Countries
Northern Europe: Countries
Northern Thailand: Provinces
Norway: Bodies of Water
Norway: Cities
Norway: Counties
Norway: Counties (-2019)
Oceania: Capitals
Oceania: Capitals of Countries and Territories
Oceania: Countries and Territories
OECD Member Countries
Ohio: Counties
Oklahoma: Counties
Oman: Governorates
Oregon: Counties
Pakistan: Administrative units
Palau: States
Palestine: Governorates
Panama: Provinces and Regions
Papua New Guinea: Regions and Provinces
Paraguay: Departments
Partnership for Peace Member Countries
Parts of the World
Pennsylvania: Counties
Peru: Regions
Philippines: Islands
Philippines: Provinces
Philippines: Regions
Poland: Cities
Poland: Cities (Difficult Version)
Poland: Districts of Warsaw
Poland: Geographical lands
Poland: Voivodeship Capitals
Poland: Voivodeships
Portugal: Azores Archipelago
Portugal: Cities
Portugal: Cities (Difficult Version)
Portugal: Districts
Portugal: Madeira-Archipel
Portugal: NUTS 3
Portugal: Wine Regions
Portuguese Speaking Countries
Puerto Rico: Municipalities
Qatar: Municipalities
Republic of the Congo: Departments
Rhineland-Palatinate: administrative districts and urban districts
Rhode Island: Counties
Romania: Cities
Romania: Counties
Romania: County Seats
Russia: Capitals of Federal Subjects
Russia: Capitals of Federal Subjects (with Crimea)
Russia: Cities
Russia: Cities (Difficult Version)
Russia: Cities in Western Russia
Russia: Districts of Moscow
Russia: Federal Subjects
Russia: Federal Subjects (with Crimea)
Russia: Neighboring Countries
Russia: Republics
Rwanda: Provinces
Saarland: Counties
Saint Kitts and Nevis: Islands
Saint Kitts and Nevis: Parishes
Saint Lucia: Quarters
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Parishes
Samoa: Districts
San Marino: Municipalities