Community Discord
4 years ago


A couple of us in the community have been talking for a while (cough a year or two cough) about setting up a community discord for Yakuza speedrunning. We appreciate how hard it can be for newcomers to the series who want to get into speedrunning to actually jump in and be able to find a place with resources and be able to ask questions - so we finally got around to it! is the link. In doing this we already have a couple of guides out and available (Any% and NG+ for Yakuza Kiwami, Any% for 3 and Any% for 4 is being actively re-routed, with 5 to be routed next month) as well as multiple places you can ask questions about any of the runs. This will also hopefully push others to make guides for some of the other runs in the series (cough me cough) so don't be shy and come ask us if you have any questions about the runs!

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