Restrictions on config/framerate for runs?
6 years ago

The Ultima series seems notorious for running to the speed of your computer, almost without bound.

For example, here are a couple clips from U7 (Black Gate), walking from Britain to Trinsic.

  • In DOSBox 0.74, with "Cpu speed" config set to 14000 cycles (default from GOG): (1 minute, 2 seconds)

  • In DOSBox 0.74, with "Cpu speed" config increased to 50000 cycles: (21 seconds)

Similar issues exist in the other games, at least up to SI, I think. Anybody have an opinion on this? If runners are generally using DOSBox, I guess it'd be pretty easy to standardize the configs, but that goes out the window if there are runners with a different setup.


I think using the GoG configs as a standard would be fair. I can upload them if wanted.

United States

serpent isle has a limiter iirc. I know it's toggleable with the cheat menu, i think it's on by default.

GOG default of 14000 is probably fine. I set mine to 12000 out of preference feeling 14k ran too quickly. I don't think the 2000 difference will really change all that much. The dexterity of your clicks and RNG plays more a factor than the CPU cycles (especially at a 2k difference)

Oregon, USA

The unfortunate thing is when your clicks don't register due to lag, or, when you think they don't register due to lag and click again, only to wind up accidentally clicking something you didn't mean to. I'd be in preference to a higher cycles setting, personally, but, I did my run at 12000 out of respect for the WR settings.

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