Potential Speedrun for Other Games
1 year ago
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I was wondering if maybe we could add more games to the speedrun list in this category like Battleground Z and Monster Manor and maybe Warrior's Way. Some of these games would make some really fun speedruns I think. Let me know what strategies we could use to help the speedrun and if you find anything good.

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5 months ago

Hey everyone, I'm going to hijack this thread as there's no current way to create a series guide/new forum post. This will be about save editing for speedrunning StreetPass games:

First, why is save editing allowed? The simple answer is, so people who don't own 11 3ds's can compete with those who do. This is exclusively to get an ideal order of 10 Miis in your gates to use in a speedrun of any of the Plaza games.

Please not that I cannot and willnot be providing basic tech support for this! If you come in here asking what a file extension is, or how to mod your 3ds, etc, I will not be helping! If you show that you have made an effort to follow the guide and are legitimately stuck, then I will help.

The guide:

A basic guide for editing your active Miis in the Mii Plaza


Set up:

  1. Download a cecd and use it to fill your plaza gate. Instructions for this are in the previously linked spreadsheet.
  2. Enter the Plaza app and accept the 10 guests.
  3. Use a save editor (this guide assumes you used JKSV) to back up your main save of Mii Plaza. (not extra/BOSS data yet)
  4. Put the save file somewhere on your computer.
  5. Make a back up of the savefile (meet.dat)

Hex Editing:

All examples will be assume you're using hxd, so hotkeys may differ if you're using a different program, etc.

  1. Open your hex editor and drag meet.dat into it/open it.
  2. Use control + g and goto offset 374A. If you don't see any Miinames there on the right handside, you may have to scroll until you start seeing them. They look like this: On the right hand side you can see information such as the Mii's name and where they are from. I'm uncertain exactly of which bytes are part of which Mii's block, but each one is 108 bytes long.
  3. Scroll down until you get to the last 10 miis in the list, this is your active gate/miis ready to play games.
  4. You can replace these Miis with data from a Mii with the shirt color of your choice now. I'm going to be honest I don't know exactly where the data begins/ends anymore. I'd suggest 16 bytes before the name to be safe, though be prepared to maybe have a broken Mii or two if you mess up.
  5. When copy pasting Mii data, make sure you do paste write and not paste insert! You do NOT wanna change the size of the file.
  6. If you also wish to change how many times you've passed the Mii, put your cursor to the left of the first letter of the Mii's name, press control + g, then make sure the "offset relative to" option is set to current offset and go forward D6. This is how many times you've passed the Mii. Values are in hex and can be anything from 00-FF (0-255) An example is below: Here, the last byte selected (09) is how many times this Mii has been tagged/what level it will be in games like Find Mii. Since we start at 00, this mii has been tagged 10 times.

Save your file, put it back in your SD card, load the save to see what happened/if it worked.

Backing up your save for future runs:

If it worked and you have your desired order of Miis now ready to play a mini game, do the following:

  1. Use your save editor to back up the current main, extra, and BOSS save data.
  2. When you wanna do a new run/have these miis be active again, you need to restore ALL 3 save types, main, extra, and BOSS.
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Is there a chance that Feed Mii and Market Crashers could also be added? I'd like to run those games, but there's no section for them

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5 months ago

We just got a change in leaderboard mods, so I'll be adding some other StreetPass games to the leaderboard where interest is applicable.

I'll also be standardizing rules for longer runs to be in line for what was done with Monster Manor where applicable (differentiating between if the run used the line feature or hacked playcoins mid run)

Someone just did a feed mii run so that leaderboard is definitely coming within the next few days. The other leaderboards will wait until someone has done a run of them given the new standardized rules I'm thinking of, or once I do a run of them eventually.

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5 months ago

The updated rules for the series as a whole will likely look like this: Nothing is really changing, just modernizing some of the stuff in regards to cfw as well as clarification on the newly being used "Line" feature of streetpass premium, etc.

General Rules

The following rules apply broadly to speedrunning any game in the StreetPass Mii Plaza Application:

  • Using a program to get 300 Playcoins prior to your run is allowed.

  • Exiting out of the application to get more playcoins during the run, is not allowed unless otherwise stated. (Longer games)

  • Save editing to set up your runs is allowed. This means you can edit the 10 miis you have in your active Plaza to be whatever you want in preparation for your run EXCEPT for forcing a Mii to be a gold pants Mii, as those are now impossible to streetpass.

  • A link to save editing can be found here

  • If you have CFW, you may NOT use any of its features to speed up the game in a way stock 3DS systems cannot (overclocking through luma startup menu, NTR CFW, etc)

  • NTR CFW will vary by game. If you use it, please mention it in your run description and your time will be updated accordingly based on the game. Load time differences are fairly small and game dependant, and will likely not matter unless a record is super competitive (like Find Mii 1/2)
  • You cannot save edit to have a Mii with a lower combination of characters in its name + homeland than the shorterst possible one (one character name + peru) Again, this is to ensure fairness between people with and without several 3ds's, as someone with multiple 3ds's could have multiple miis named something like "a" from Peru while someone else may only be able to save edit longer mii names to have ---- as their homeland (same # of characters/draw speed as Peru)

Why is save editing allowed?

Save editing is allowed, because theoretically someone with 11 3ds systems could get a perfect plaza set up for their runs. Save editing is allowed to keep things fair between runners.

Runs on longer games will be split into 2 sub categories, "Line" and "Hacked"

  • "Line" runs are runs done using the StreetPass Premium "Line" feature to have a total of 120 Miis ready to use in a run (100 in the line, 10 in the plaza, 10 in the gate).

  • "Hacked runs" are runs that exit the StreetPass Mii Plaza app mid run to refill your play coin count.

  • Some categories may be so long that they require use of both the Line feature and quitting out for play coins to be completed as quickly as possible. In these scenarios, if interest is there for these runs, seperate sub cateogry options will be made to accommodate this.

"Line" rules

  1. This run uses backed up Miis using the StreetPass Premium "Line" feature to have 120 Miis ready to use. As it is a premium feature for a now defunct service, it needs to be in a sub category like this.

  2. Runs that use the Line feature generally are not allowed to exit mid run to add more play coins unless the category rules say otherwise.

  3. Miis backed up in your line cannot be hacked gold pants/special miis if it vastly impacts the run (example, in monster manor its allowed cause all gold pants miis do is act like they're on 10 tags for a free item, which any mii can do)

Hacked rules

  1. These runs can exit the application mid run to refill your play coins.

  2. Time does not stop during the process, and must be accounted for in RTA time.

  3. Playcoins can be obtained from any method (homebrew menu, dedicated .cia), as long as it only edits play coins and nothing else.

  4. This categorization only applies to play coins. Using save editing to restore your plaza/line but not the save data of the game you are currently running mid run is not allowed.

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What about a run for the full plaza? As in all hats, bubbles, music, medals, and accomplishments? I get that that would take a millennium, at least for beginning runs, but I feel like optimizing it would be quite an intriguing task. That idea is actually what I came here for, as the idea had popped into my head a while ago for it. I'm thinking of several different categories for different levels of completion, with All Hats being one category, and All Music being another, and so on, as well as a full 100% with EVERYTHING that I described at the beginning. Also, While puzzles would logically be included in "100% completion", it doesn't get a speedrun for a reason; Puzzle Swap Panels should be actively excluded from the 100% completion status.

In my hypothetical, the strategy would likely be as follows:

For hats and bubbles: Get both your line and Playcoins filled beforehand, 100% Find Mii I & II to get all hats from each, then grind for Plaza tickets in; The beginning of Monster Manor (making sure to make big rooms as to get two tickets from each type of chest, leaving once all are obtained), All of Mii Force (you get a Plaza Ticket every time you beat a level, and the game is somewhat short), all of Warrior's Way (With infinite Playcoins, you will be reaching milestone after milestone very easily for army size increments throughout the whole game, and will reach other milestones throughout. Warrior's Way is a goldmine of tickets your first time through), and play other games as you see fit, and make sure to get as many obscure tickets along the way as you can (such as finding rare zombies at all opportunities in Battleground Z, as an example). It's important to remember for Plaza Ticket collecting to go and buy everything at the Exchange Booth every 8 tickets (or every 4 if you're only doing hats, or only doing bubbles), or if you're collecting them fast enough, then at every opportunity, and use the time waiting for a restock to gather even more.

For music: This one is far more straightforward... go into each game and encounter every music track as quickly as possible.

Medals: Complete every separate plaza game so it has a completion medal next to its icon.

For accomplishments: Gonna be honest... this is the one part of the run I didn't think through very thoroughly. It's near impossible to get some accomplishments without playing back in the 3DS's prime. If you went to a gaming convention in 2015, getting 500 StreetPasses would be NOTHING, but.. since you can't do that anymore, upon further examination, accomplishments may need to be excluded as well, for similar reasons as the Puzzle Swap panels...

Pure 100%: Everything listed above.

Please like my idea :DDDD

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8 days ago

Don't know how I didn't see this post! I've been planing to do an "any%" run of the entire plaza eventually when I have the time. In this, I'd be getting all the medals in all the games and being done there, though not caring about the other collectables etc. Would love to talk more about potentially routing this :) Are you in the discord?

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