Pocket Crystal League
1 year ago

Hi all,

I sent a request to the site mods to add the game Pocket Crystal League. They said that I should ask the mods here instead, so here I am.

Here is what I wrote for the game submission.

Pocket Crystal League is a fan made deckbuilding game based in the Pokémon universe, the gameplay is similar to games like Inscryption. The category that I have attached would be any%, timing starts at first input from the title screen, and ends on the first frame of the static effect at the end of the game. I would also be interested in a more completionist category, although exactly what that would be I am not sure. Collecting at least one of every card could be interesting, or levelling at least one of every card to max level. Both of those categories would probably end up being quite long, as some cards seem to be very rare. This game is not a modification of an existing Pokémon game, but it does use some Pokémon assets.

You can download the game here: https://moodytail.itch.io/pocket-crystal-league#download

I have done an any% run which you can see here:

I hope that is enough info, let me know if it isn't, or if you want me to put this information somewhere else, the site mods weren't exactly clear.

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Hey! Looks like a neat game. Wanna hop into the Pokémon Speedrunning Fan Games discord so it can be discussed further there? Lmk if you need a link.

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Will do! Thanks