ESA 2015 Mickey Mouse "Illusion" series relay?
9 years ago
United States

I'm looking for runners who might want to submit the classic Mickey mouse "Illusion" games for a relay at ESA.

Right now, I have 5 games in mind due to amount of runners. Quackshot could be included if there are enough runners. I'm looking for two teams.

The games/categories:

¤ Castle of Illusion (SMS) any% ¤ Castle of Illusion (Genesis) any% ¤ Land of Illusion (SMS) any% or 100% ¤ World of Illusion (Genesis ) any% Mickey, Donald, or Co-op ¤ Legend of Illusion (SMS) any%

Setup ideas include using 4 stations to stagger setup, or two of the same everdrives (-MD / Mega-).

Update 1: 2015-02-15

For now, I'll just list what people have offered.

Thanks everyone for the response. I really hope this happens.

Names in brackets haven't explicitly shown interest in this thread, but were mentioned or have mentioned it before.

Castle SMS: btrim, [Mephistus,] KrazyRasmus

Castle Gen: JohnUK89, MaxieTheHatter,Tenebrae, [Alowishus]

Land: btrim, [Mephistus,] KrazyRasmus, Edenal

World: ¤ Co-op: Edenal & [Grukk], [Pogington & FingersTehHand] ¤ Mickey: Edenal, MaxieTheHatter, Tenebrae, [Charleon] ¤ Donald: Edenal, MaxieTheHatter, Tenebrae

Legend: btrim, Edenal, KrazyRasmus

Quackshot: Tenebrae, MaxieTheHatter

Regarding commentary: Edenal's offer to learn for commentary is really important. I've also sent a feeler message to Blechy for remote commentary. If the logistics of that worked out, we'd have a really good team of mostly dedicated commentators.

United States

I've actually done this solo before (with any% Mickey for WoI)

I'm primarily willing to do (and submit) CoI SMS, Land, and Legend.

As a contingency I could do the Genesis games as well but it wouldn't be my first choice.


As you already know, I can do and submit CoI, LoI and LoI (all SMS).

Tyne and Wear, England

I can submit for Castle of Illusion (Genesis). It'd give me incentive to improve my time, too.


Already made plans to submit a CoI gen race with john (and maybe tene) so this is perfect. Will be bringing my NTSC genesis and cartridge with me Oh and I'm willing to learn WoI and quackshot!

Edit: Smushed together my posts to one instead of two

European Union

I can do any of the Genesis games. Quackshot would obviously be my first choice and after that, maybe WoI and CoI, in that order. I can bring my Mega Everdrive if needed.

Kronoberg, Sweden

I can do World of Illusion, any category. (Co-op with Grukk)

Can take time to learn Land & Legend.

WoI seems to have several runners already, if we include Charleon. I would love to learn all games in a potential relay good enough to provide commentary together with 1-2 more persons.

i play any kind of games but the recent games of mm are totally insane and probably the worst.