Current WR run of 22:23
5 years ago

I love the site, the community, and this game. I recently just watched the record 22:23 video and had some concern.

The run submission has this comment:

"Note: I had to adjust the time on this game because there was a video glitch issue that lasted about 1.3 seconds on the 5th board of the 3rd level. What I had to do is compare the video time with how long that board should have taken and then added those seconds back onto the run."

Doesn't accepting those kinds of runs encourage people to submit spliced runs?

I'm not accusing the player of doing this, but it seems like accepting videos with missing footage would allow players to just remove mistakes that wasted time and instead only add the time that a section should have taken.

If what happened here is acceptable, how many seconds of video footage can be missing and still be acceptable in documenting a world record run?


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