Happy Launch Day!
Happy Launch Day!
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Sonic Dream Team is out!

Get your Apple devices ready for some high-paced platforming action, Sonic Dream Team is now available for download through the Apple Arcade! Having had some hands on with the game this morning, my first impressions are very positive! Would totally recommend giving it a go if you have the means of doing so.

As is the case with most leaderboards nowadays, we will be having a provisional leaderboard embargo for two weeks (opening on 19/12/23) whilst we figure out rulesets, leaderboard structure amongst the other boring thangs.

In the meantime please enjoy your time with the game and keep your eyes open for how the speedrun shapes up in the next couple of weeks in the Dream Team channel in the Sonic Speedrun Community Discord Server

Good luck gamers

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The Sonic Dream Team Leaderboards are now open!

You heard that right! A little ahead of schedule but @WitherMin, @RayNheartZ and I are proud to announce we have the boards ready for your submissions! We want to ride the hype that this game has generated and have these boards open for your submissions ahead of the t

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