Found a new skip for 1-2, and a minor skip for 1-1
4 years ago
Victoria, Australia

I've recently taken a look at this game for glitches, and so far on my first playthrough I've found 2 skips and a couple of oobs. For 1-2, in the second room, you can perform the jump off the computer that skips having to take the stairs, but then head left to the nearest green light. If you jump from the rail on top of it, you can make it oob on top of the edge of the roof. From there, you need to carefully keep jumping to the right until you fall down behind the door that opens later, skipping having to collect the puzzle pieces. Here's a video of it: The skip in 1-1 is a very minor one that might not even save time. Instead of collecting the first medallion on top of the statue, you can repeatedly jump up the back of the truck that is supposed to lift you up to the next section, and then jump down over the fence. This skips collecting the medallion and the cutscene, but it might not save time as it can take a few tries to get up the truck, and you can skip the cutscene anyway. I'm hoping to find more skips as I progress through this game.

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Amazing I was only ever able to do that in 1-2 using hacks. The 1-1 trick is known.

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Virgin Islands, U.S.

Very interesting. The 1-1 Medallion Skip is known, and you can use something that we call a buddy boost to get on top of the fence. It does save time but is currently not RTA viable, as failing it once or twice loses you time.

I recommend you join the discord if you're planning on continuing to glitch hunt, as we've found a lot of things already

We also have a glitch spreadsheet

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