Oil Rig Glitch
6 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Recently I found a glitch in Oil Rig. Edit, 2/10/18: I finally figured out how much time you save throughout the whole. I timed the WR's run of the whole Oil Rig Level and it came out to be 1:01.89. My fastest time (not recorded) came out to be 0:48.39. I originally started the timer on the A-Press input to start the level, however the time between the A-Press input to start the level and the fade in of the level is 4 seconds, so I subtracted the 4 seconds for the two times. Just saying that in case you guys were wondering how I timed it. Using my calculations, we can now come to the conclusion that you could save about 13.5 seconds (maybe more, but I subtracted the two times) if you used the glitch and had the perfect movement.

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Nice find :D

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