6 years ago
Ohio, USA

Would anyone who is experienced in the GBA version of this game like to be a mod? All of the current mods were transferred over from when the game's two versions were separated, so I can't really say any of us are experienced enough to mod this board. I personally do plan to run this version eventually, but not any time soon.

Please reply in this thread or contact me or Cyberdemon531 if you're interested.


I mean I can do it. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only, if not the only active gba runners for this game at the moment.

Michigan, USA

Hi, I have been running gba spongebob games for over 2 years and I check src everyday and I thought I would qualify for moderator on this game. Thank you.

Michigan, USA

I doubt it, my any% run hasn't been verified yet and it's been a month

Texas, USA

Well the game is pretty much dead at this point

Arizona, USA

I was supposed to be added as a leaderboard mod like a year ago but it never ended up happening

Michigan, USA

@cyberdemon531 was online a few days ago but I highly doubt they'll acknowledge this thread the next time they login as they're mod for about 70 games

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United States

@RamseyFletcher I requested to be added as moderator VIA site admins. If I get added as moderator I will verify your runs and add you as mod also

United States

Thanks for verifying our runs mods, it means alot to us

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United States

i will try to be on more, and if someone else wants to be mod still, @ me

Arizona, USA

I was supposed to become mod a over a year ago but I never got added (I used to go by SpeedinSam and I was s a m on discord)

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