Blindfold Runs
2 years ago
Richmond, VA, USA

I know that very few people have attempted a blindfolded run but hasn't fully completed the game with a blindfold on, is it because the interest is low or is it impossible to do? Also, would someone happen to know strategies on each level for an any percent blindfold run?

Georgia, USA

I think that interest is pretty low for attempting this kind of thing. You could probably do a lot of the rooms blindfolded, but some rooms that rely on visual cues and a lot of the bosses would be extremely difficult. Run Run Rottytops also has semi-random cycles based on a global timer. It would be hard to determine what cycle you're on without being able to see the game. It's doable, but it doesn't sound fun to try and pull off, at least for me. As for strategies, I got nothing. Good luck if you do attempt to pull this off though! I'd be curious to see what you come up with!


If you're doing No OoB tan line temple will likely be the largest hurdle, not only do you have to guess the code to enter, the fine margins on the stealth section would also be tricky, although I'm sure there's "safe" ways to do it.

For OoB the timing of potion/food use seems like it'd be very difficult to get down.

I don't think it's impossible but the lack of health would make it very unfun and there's not really any way to easily locate where you are.