Proposal for the FullGame Time Measurement Section
3 months ago
Aichi, Japan

Hello everyone,

I'm creating thread to propose a modification to the rules regarding the timing for FullGame categories. Please excuse any English errors, as I am not a native speaker.

Currently, the rules state to "start the timer when you're first able to move, and end it when the credits roll." However, it has come to my attention that many players stop their timers the moment they enter the power plant. Additionally, there seems to be some variability in where players start the timer.

To promote fair competition, I propose we standardize the timing to "start the timer when moment the difficulty is chosen and to end the moment you enter the power plant." This approach, which I and patotyan, have been using, offers more clear starting point, and the ending point is already adopted by many players.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions on this proposal.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.

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South Korea
Deleted by the author
South Korea

I didn't know because there was no standard for Sanabi Full game Speed Run, but now I know. Thank you.

United Kingdom

That's something I've been considering lately. I think your proposal is a good idea but I'm going to wait a little to see what some other members of the community think first.

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