Confusion about Categories.
5 months ago
United Kingdom

Hello, I have had a few messages recently from different people confused about the categories of Sanabi, so I want to clarify. Firstly, Marathon mode has become our default category, as it is Sanabi's equivalent of any%.

Secondly, runs of the "Speedrun Mode" category are allowed to be spliced, meaning you are allowed to snip together chapters you've done in different sittings, though you are not allowed to splice in the middle of a chapter. If you feel that your run is better suited to Marathon then please retract your run and resubmit it, I'll approve it right away.

Lastly, I'm currently looking in to getting the full game subcategory of Marathon removed (since you can't do a full-game marathon, it just doesn't work) but it may take some time. If you've got any further questions feel free to DM me or to leave a comment.

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Hello everyone, for about 6 months the previous mod of this game was offline and not responding to/ accepting any runs. After a few days of talking with the people who run the previous mod has been removed and I have been added. This means a few things. Firstly, we are accepting run sub

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