Category Extensions Board
6 years ago

I should have posted this earlier, but we now have a leaderboard for SADX Category Extensions. You will find some cool/meme categories like All upgrades, Knuckles centurion, 20 emblems, boss rush, 125 emblems and so on. Enjoy. :)

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He/Him, They/Them
6 years ago

There should be a category where you need to build the golden Sonic statue in Casinopoils the fastest

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New Jersey, USA

Maybe I overlooked it but is there a category just for mission mode?

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Little update, We added the mission mode category and also Story Style Level leaderboard, for more information you guys can check this:

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You may have noticed some very old runs being rejected. This is because we have decided to archive the leaderboards done prior to IGT becoming the main timing method. Prior to archiving, most of the runs prior to April 22, 2018 were at the bottom of the leaderboards due to only having RTA timing, wh

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