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I like playing around with the glitches on emulator - but by no means am I anywhere near the caliber of the runners of the game.

Case in point: I couldn't get Mike's FB1 AsIntended tutorial to work, don't know if I was misunderstanding or the level select was screwing with the pause buffering - or my 36 year old hands just couldn't pause quick enough even with 50% speed in the emu.

Anyway with some extra hints from Lake, I decided to see if I could do it without Pause Buffering (seemed fairly logical to me - just pressing right when you're supposed to pause), and I got it to work, and it seems pretty consistent.
Have uploaded a video of me doing it a few times without pause buffering - with the inputs on screen and hand cam:

I think the key here is (going by Lake's reaction in his stream to me saying about it), is that I hold A for the duration of the tube. But not sure, as I can't do the pause buffer strat to compare 😛

Hope this helps 🙂

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Interesting you say that, because level select -does- screw up the pause buffering - if you use either B or C to activate the spindash, those buttons progress the game while paused, so the spindash will be held too long (and A risks soft reset). It's much easier just to practice it from a save file. Interesting you found a way around it though!

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah this (with the exception Lava Reef) was the first ones I was doing with the level select and pause buffering, so it kinda makes it obvious after the fact that the LS was interfering with the Pause Buffering.

I think it's probably also one that slipped through the net with the IGT->RTA switch. The Pause Buffering takes very little time to do a sanity check that the set up is correct, and can often save a bigger time loss of not getting the right direction input fast enough.
I'm now pretty sure the only difference here from your tutorial set up, is essentially remove the pause buffering and just go straight for the right input.