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I clarified the rule regarding captured emulator footage to be "For runs using emulators the entire screen of the emulator used, including the window border, must be captured and the game must be visibly hard resetted before a run."

The reason for the existence of this rule is to weed out fake runs with less effort. You can still crop your video and put on YT or anywhere else if you'd like as long as you have an original containing what is asked of by this rule.

If anyone wants to know more or have a better suggestion then feel free to tell.


Can we just load the rom instead of resetting? It seems more convenient.


you are allowed to use in fullscreen, as long as you show the "hard reset" in the PB vid, you are fine.

i may be misunderstanding the question?


The rule has changed, @jammcg90 . You now just need to visibly show a hard reset being executed in any of the allowed emulators and no longer need to capture the entire window.


Any way that visibly shows that it is, in fact, a hard reset will work. For Fusion, showing the "Hard Reset" text is the easiest way.