Rygar Speedrun Propaganda
6 years ago
Maine, USA

So I wasn't able to do any runs of the game for a couple of weeks, but I was able to make this video to promote speedrunning Rygar:

It's made to look/feel like an old NES commercial. It's pretty stupid, but I thought I would share it.

Jappy New Year everyone, look forward to seeing more runners in 2018!

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United States

You do realize now you'll have to do more of these for other games - because it's incredible. Definitely reminds me of the NES commercials of old!

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Maine, USA

I know this, and I knew that I probably would, as I had so much damn fun putting this together, and watching old NES ads for inspiration.

I was thinking of making one for super pitfall, with a tagline like "Glitches are better than gameplay" and just kind of go from there.

Thanks a lot, man! And as always, good luck with runs!

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California, USA

Too good. Please make more

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