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No OoB [PAL] in 1h 09m 00s by ZirconEagle16 (Obsolete)
TFW you beat leaderboard WR by 1 second lol. The meme runs live on.

Played on GameCube [EUR] on

Submitted by ModZirconEagle16 on

Verified by ModMichaelT00 on

Name Duration Finished at
Neville 3m 07s 070ms 3m 07s
Chauncey Key 2m 50s 973ms 5m 58s
Boo Release 4m 24s 149ms 10m 22s
MSikonhzazeyl 5m 06s 500ms 15m 28s
Water Element 5m 15s 946ms 20m 44s
Bogmire Key 3m 44s 720ms 24m 29s
Mario's Star 6m 42s 746ms 31m 12s
Ice Element 1m 25s 484ms 32m 37s
Fortune Teller Entry 7m 40s 553ms 40m 18s
Boolossus Key 5m 59s 187ms 46m 17s
Uncle RNG 3m 57s 475ms 50m 14s
Roof Key 5m 39s 521ms 55m 54s
Van Gore 8m 50s 956ms 1h 04m 45s
King Boo 4m 15s 011ms 1h 09m 00s
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