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Any% in 1h 22m 57s by TrevPerson - 5th place

First PB with new equip glitch and route.

Played on Wii Virtual Console [JPN] on

Submitted by ModTrevPerson on

Verified by ModTrevPerson on

Name Duration Finished at
Ocarina of Time 16m 24s 069ms 16m 24s
Sonata of Awakening 12m 27s 324ms 28m 51s
Bottle 3m 17s 432ms 32m 08s
Zora Mask 3m 59s 303ms 36m 08s
Hookshot 3m 46s 248ms 39m 54s
NWBN 2m 59s 528ms 42m 53s
George's Remains 5m 14s 277ms 48m 08s
Bow 4m 41s 945ms 52m 50s
Odolwa's Remains 2m 32s 181ms 55m 22s
Ah Wind 4m 07s 130ms 59m 29s
Fire Arrows 2m 01s 650ms 1h 01m 31s
Goht's Remains 2m 47s 726ms 1h 04m 18s
Exit Stone Tower Temple 4m 06s 934ms 1h 08m 25s
Enter Twinmold 2m 16s 809ms 1h 10m 42s
Rockville Temple out 2m 14s 317ms 1h 12m 56s
Enter Clock Tower 1m 44s 988ms 1h 14m 41s
Majora's Mask 8m 15s 386ms 1h 22m 57s
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