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100% (All Quests) in 4h 39m 27s by Redslash - 2nd place

Played on Super Nintendo [USA] on

Submitted by ModRedslash on

Verified by ModRedslash on

Name Duration Finished at
yack 15m 27s 547ms 15m 27s 547ms
DT 12m 03s 742ms 27m 31s 290ms
rick 18m 30s 591ms 46m 01s 881ms
heck 6m 55s 840ms 52m 57s 721ms
zomb 4m 00s 289ms 56m 58s 011ms
masa 6m 29s 985ms 1h 03m 27s 997ms
dino 13m 54s 078ms 1h 17m 22s 075ms
flea 16m 24s 998ms 1h 33m 47s 074ms
king 17m 51s 942ms 1h 51m 39s 016ms
BT 16m 33s 280ms 2h 08m 12s 296ms
mud 18m 07s 949ms 2h 26m 20s 246ms
GG 6m 58s 393ms 2h 33m 18s 639ms
twin 14m 16s 292ms 2h 47m 34s 931ms
idiot 13m 13s 995ms 3h 00m 48s 927ms
SoS 15m 53s 525ms 3h 16m 42s 453ms
MB 18m 50s 279ms 3h 35m 32s 732ms
mel 3m 03s 492ms 3h 38m 36s 224ms
13 10m 04s 514ms 3h 48m 40s 739ms
hug 14m 23s 173ms 4h 03m 03s 912ms
ozzie 3m 08s 181ms 4h 06m 12s 093ms
GM 9m 31s 585ms 4h 15m 43s 679ms
elder 6m 11s 175ms 4h 21m 54s 855ms
zeal 5m 24s 602ms 4h 27m 19s 457ms
shell 9m 00s 852ms 4h 36m 20s 309ms
100% 3m 07s 033ms 4h 39m 27s 343ms
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