i killed super distortio - a hypothetical 16 star method
2 years ago
United States

okay so this might be the most bullshit thing i've ever done, so let me try to explain my process and give tips as shown in the video.

  1. the way to know when to jump is incredibly abstract. for me, i use visual indicators in the form of either when a spike passes a killbrick and then waiting for a certain amount of time, or just going when a spike is in a certain location.

  2. this strat is still rng for an unfortunate reason. the shots that super distortio fire at you can kill you randomly, but you can increase your chances by staying as far back without falling off the platform.

  3. follow my jump pattern. this should be a given but what i discovered works with better efficiency than anything else attempted so far.

that will be all. i'm not going to attempt 16 star but with this method you might be able to. good luck if your future endeavors entail this garbage lol edit: lmao

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United States

That's pretty intereting, I've been told that 16 star is basically impossible now but I guess not, good job with that boss kill!

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