RTA/IGT desync issue with online multplayer
1 year ago
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so uhh... first thread on this forum in over 2 years, how about that? that being said, I figured it would be good to make a thread about this, in order to find a fix, or at least just as a PSA of sorts.

to put it simply, whenever I play on online multiplayer for the HP scaling on providence, there seems to be an issue with the IGT timer, where it will lag behind the RTA timer by about 16%. to put it in more tangible terms, every 12 seconds that pass IRL, 10 seconds get counted on the IGT. Furthermore, although its a smaller issue, it seems like I both shoot slower and move slower with online multiplayer, which makes me think it might be some weird lag that causes to game to play in slight slo-mo. also, it might be worth noting, this doesn't happen in single player, or on the current steam patch of the game.

for reference, here are two videos of me spending about 1 minute (IGT) in the game, both in online multiplayer, with the lag, and in single player, without the lag: (with lag) (without lag)

I initially never intended to bring this issue up. Ive had this issue ever since i first tried speedrunning RoR, probably about 8 or 9 months ago, but since it wasnt a big deal to just play on single player, I figured I wouldnt make a post about it. that being said, I saw mattbuurt's recent run, and noticed that he seemed to have the same issue as me, so I figured I might as well make a post about it.

so anyway, thats all. I figured I would make a post, and maybe somebody has a way to fix the issue. even if there is no fix, I thought it might still be worth mentioning the issue. so uhh... yeah. thats about it.

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Yeah this is a known issue with the speedrun patch of the game, for some reason the game tends to run at 50 fps when playing in multiplayer on modern systems.

One fix we figured out is if you have an nvidia graphics card going into the nvidia control panel and set ror's max framerate to 120 fps, it seems to run at 60 pretty consistently. I'm not sure about amd cards, but I think someone in the discord server has figured something out for those too.

For the record, we have verified IGT on runs that run at 50, so technically it's fine to play like that if you don't care about your RTA and you do get a bit of an advantage since the game is running slower giving you more reaction time, but of course fixing it would be preferable.

United States

oh I see. I couldnt find anything about it online, so I figured people might not know about it. in that case, Ill probably start using online multiplayer, since idc too much about my RTA time. thanks for replying!

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