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As pointed out here:

There is seemingly half a minute disadvantage to emu runners compared to VC runners. Yet they are sharing the same leaderboards despite moderators being aware of this dilemma.

I've tried and failed to convince them to split them apart into 2 sub-categories. One for WiiVC, the other for EMU.

So it will fall upon the community of existing runners and potential future ones to make a voice heard in an attempt to change the mind of the administration for this game.

I myself find it obnoxious to keep them together when the issue is known.


1: Wii VC is Emulation
2: on both actual PC-E hardware and PC-E emulator, load times are inconsistent and vary every time, so you cannot simply just remove the load times
3: Wii VC and the "port" contained in the PSP game Drac X Chronicles are both already inherently emulation, therefore by emulating them with Dolphin or PPSSPP you are literally emulating an emulator. 2 layers of emulation... really??? theres a reason ppsspp and dolphin are banned for this game
4: if we separate console from EMU then EMU, Wii VC and PSP hardware will go into the EMU board, because again they are emulation.

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TLDR: Wii VC is already emulation, so all splitting console and emu boards is gonna do is make it so wii vc goes under emu and console runs will just be actual PC-Engine CD hardware runs.

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I disagree with the idea of VC by default being split into emu, thats not what this topic is about skavenger. Thats prob how you can classify the idea of VirtualConsole per se, but in practice for speedrunning - the difference is severe.

I wanna hear other peoples thoughts on the matter though, as we've already had our discussion 😛


you can disagree all you want, but the fact remains that Wii VC is emulation, and would be classified as such if we ever separated console from emu

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I get Shika's point, but emulation is emulation. Just because one program happens to emulate the game better than another is no reason to separate it. Besides, the leaderboard shows the source of the game for each person, so that can be taken into account just by looking at what they used.