new platform separation for submissions
5 years ago
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B-ran made a serious discovery as far as version difference goes. We don't know how we missed this before. On the PS4/PSP version of Rondo, Shaft takes SIGNIFICANTLY LESS hits to kill with Richter than he does on the original version. With this discovery, it proves that the PS4/PSP version is a completely different build of the game, and thus will be separated into it's own separate category, with the now current categories being PCE/VC/EMU, and PSP/PS4. Please use the appropriate platform subcategories when submitting future runs.

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Can you please not badger the mods in the forums every time you get a PB?

New South Wales, Australia

What ? Why, i didn't do anything wrong i was just asking and whats PB?

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PB = Personal Best.

Please submit your runs via the "Submit Run" button in the leaderboard section of the game in which you wish to submit to (Obviously Rondo in this case), and not here in the forums.

This thread is meant to serve as a notification for those who run (or will run and submit runs in the future) that the categories are being split by hardware due to a major game difference, not for people to submit runs to.

If you have any other inquires I am sure that you can find your answers in the main section of the Forums here on SRC

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New South Wales, Australia

Oh i see ok so now is what @freeland1787 was saying was true. Okay then but you i know i already submit my run yesterday, i was just asking if the Mod can verified my run like it did for last time. Sorry about that i thought using links for my run to respond the mod would work but what you saying is that it won't work in forums, alright i get the picture thanks for your help @rusto i'll try check the SRC.."

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Give the moderators time to verify runs they are not paid to do any of this they are volunteered positions in which respectful community representatives don their free time to help and maintain the community boards. No one is going to be active 24/7 every day just for your amusement and its not a reasonable thing to be expected, Give Moderators time generally speaking at least a week to verify or respond to things, because we have lives outside of the internet even tho you may not.

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