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2 years ago
Nevada, USA

It was mentioned to me in my chat the other day that they thought my run should be a seperate category from RedPepper's, since they forego the training sequences in their run. Since the training sequences are challenging for a much different reason than the any% runs are (both are insanely hard) and any% is a much shorter run, I've decided to split them.

Any%: beat the game 100%: overqualify in all 3 training sequences (#'s required are in the rules) Turbo Allowed: Formerly Any% Turbo Allowed.

Nevada, USA

A short story of Rocky speedruns:

-When I ran Rocky, I could not find any speedruns period. So, my run was what I considered WR.

-a few months later, RedPepper discovered you could skip the training sequences and get "average" stats (normally if you fail them, you get WEAK stats). This meant the run was WAY faster, and thus, a new category was born (my run is now considered 100%)

-today I was made aware that DTysonator knew all of this 15 years ago and absolutely crapped on all of our runs His run is 3:41 and is now recognized as the true any% WR

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Pennsylvania, USA

Whoa, I saw an e-mail that my run got beaten, and didn't expect it to be a run from 15 years ago I didn't even know existed. xD

To clarify, in my run I actually still do the second training because it makes Rocky throw punches much faster. It looks like DTysonator skips all three training sequences in his run though. I had considered trying to do that, but figured it would make the run much harder to complete so I ended up just not bothering lol.

I may try to see if I can replicate his strats at some point or if I can find any improvements and do a run without any of the training sequences.

This is all pretty funny honestly lmao.

DTysonator just being a legend as usual. xD

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I’m very glad for this findings. I wanted to run this game for a long time since this was my first video game (this and Enduro Racer). But I’ve never ever got a 7 on Langs training cause my mashing isn’t fast enough (and I thought you got zero stats which zero training). Congrats to the “new” WR-holder! Very funny story lol

Nevada, USA

Whenever I tackle a new speedrun, I always try to find out if there's anyone that has run it already. I did a search back in the day, and didn't find anything. It wasn't until I re-uploaded my vod on YouTube and got some attention from it that someone reached out.

I'm excited to see what you guys can do with it, in fact I'm kind of thinking about coming back to this at some point 👀

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