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Hello Tower of Hell Pros, what are some of your favorite cuts/tricks? I would like to learn since i became a Little pro and really addicted to obbies. Comment them below. And also owners of speedrun.com make a Tower of Misery thing please? Later, RGAD.

Thanks CYLITM for giving me a tip, and i would definitly recommend using that way.

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3 years ago

You can just YouTube search something like "Roblox Tower of Hell Shortcuts" and plenty of good videos will come up. I can't really think of any tips. Although, I can tell you something a lot of ToH speedrunners do. They touch the platform in the next stage but you don't need to. You don't even have to on the first stage. (although it's hard not to because you need to touch the steps or ladder) Also, Tower of Misery as a game on Speedrun.com is a good idea but if it does happen, it won't be now. Managing Tower of Hell is already a lot for us.


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