Stop necroposting
5 years ago
Baltimore, MD, USA

Necroposting: to post in a thread that has been "dead", by being inactive for a relatively long period.

please stop, it's very annoying. @Sewiferos and @Lusonice2021

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She/Her, It/Its
5 years ago

how long is that period

cause i dont know

@Sewiferos is in the necroposting squad

Kansas, USA

You've been posting on threads that are YEARS old, it's very obvious that those are not actively being discussed anymore. Just think about it for half a second before you post lmao

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...then why aren’t they locked

United States

nobody ever posted on those old threads before you two so there was no reason to go through the trouble of locking them

United Kingdom

They aren't locked because everyone who went on the forums before you two had common sense to not post on an obviously ended conversation and thread.

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...except it’s february

United Kingdom

the fuck does it being february have to do with this?

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United States

January was obviously necroposting month so now that it's February they're gonna stop necroing, right?

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She/Her, It/Its
5 years ago

lol k @Panna

basically no “late reply’s” since those can be from many months ago and bad

United Kingdom

A necropost is a post on an "old, abandoned thread that has been considered 'dead' for a while...that no longer serves any purpose but is bumped back up to the top of the forums by someone posting in it."

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theese forum notifications are bugging me alot.

just turn them off. Easy

United States

There are other forum threads other than this.......

no you don’t turn off the forum trheads you turn off the setting, notification settings

United States

or you could not post unnecessarily


I want them on if there is something I can help with but this is fucking bullshit, so shut up @Sewiferos

United Kingdom

we shouldn't have to turn off our notifications for threads just so we don't have to see your unnecessary necroposts that usually add nothing to the dead thread anyway. it's completely unnecessary.

Freaking necroposting just shut up about it and lock the threads or do something to them. In a year they’d probably think it’s funny to reply to this thread

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