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1 year ago

I want to have a place to put new strageys I have found that aren't used in WR any% no skips and I'll post them here ounce I get them on video

starts at 6:10ish there is a fast version of this witch is first on which seeds you flying and some slight speed boost after it's not that hard just try to jump into the back of the guy's head or slide into him for mega boost which seems random

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did you just phase thru the guy at :29 sec!!! after further review no you just pushed him into the background still just as cool though.

oh, Yea the boost it is part of the physics launch gliches, when sliding on the ground into the launch it is called a zip, and when jumping into the launch it is known as a drop kick. https://www.speedrun.com/roblox_glass/thread/9hknh i try to take advantage of that little zip trick as often as i can. it 'seems' to be most consistent when you time it to where your "foot" has about 1/3 above the neck and 2/3 bellow, but still pretty random for me.

also, the glitch at 6:59 is what I call a death jump, and happens if you jump within about a quarter second of an enemy dying https://www.speedrun.com/roblox_glass/thread/6hd6l looks like he zipped into a death jump super cool

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phasing threw enemy's is quite easy if there backwards you just backward slide into them the look forward ounce you hit them its works almost every time but don't think there's a use

also, I don't have this recorded but at one point I died as i entered the door (which is really annoying) like normal but I respawned as if I had entered the door but none of the enemies would spawn for 4-5 levels and it only showed as what can guess as their spawn points instead of the enemies

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Finally someone manage to talk about the zip at lv 19, I think its a pretty good strat but right now I havent seen anyone showing it in their submitted runs. You can see me trying it in my previous runs. I did manage to do the zip quite a few times but only succeed leaving the lv once. Its useful and if someone manage to pull it with a successful dropkick at lv 20, a new wr will be possible. I would love to dig into more strats and glitches unfortunately my setup wasnt top class, all I've tried on lv 19 was mashing different key combinations like spamming right click and spacebar, it did pull off a few times but the chances are rare, not sure if it triggers the big zip. I gives me the feeling that it relies on the timing.

Really hope someone would give a brief explaination to it.

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is there any glitch that save so much time in this video that i made and

British Columbia, Canada

i will make a video on a ez set up

British Columbia, Canada

wait can you name the glitch the ninja speed glitch

British Columbia, Canada

ok ez setup at

Ohio, USA

I made a post about this a while back and I'm still confused why this happens

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it works in all levels with enemys next to the start or a harder version when you jump slid into an enemy

British Columbia, Canada

maybe it because it has no animation it can be pushed and you clip into the hitbox and slide with it

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