LevelFirst place
Robotnik Coaster Zone
Northern District Zone
Panic City Zone
Sonic Speedway Zone
Green Hills Zone
Municipal Meadow Zone
CD Special Stage 1
Emerald Coast
Storm Rig Zone
Lucid Pass Zone
Autumn Ring Zone
Withering Chateau Zone
Tinkerer's Arena Zone
Tricircle Marina Zone
Popcorn Workshop Zone
Sundae Drive Zone
Cadillac Cascade Zone
Rumble Ridge Zone
Opulence Zone
Mystery Gate Zone
Rusty Rig Zone
Angel Island Zone
Roasted Ruins Zone
Obsidian Oasis Zone
Mirage Saloon Zone
Regal Ruin
Marble Foyer Zone
Rock World Zone
Isolated Island Zone
Gigapolis Zone
Darkvile Castle Zone 1
Bronze Lake Zone
Collision Chaos Zone
World 1 Map
CD Special Stage 8
Emerald Hill Zone
Azure City Zone
Gust Planet Zone
Mystic Cave Zone
Joypolis Zone
Sega Saturn
Electra Clacker Zone
Hill Top Zone
Marble Garden Zone
Silvercloud Island
Sub-Zero Peak Zone
Launch Base Zone
Thunder Top Zone
Tree Ring Zone
Azure Lake Zone
Balloon Park Zone
Chrome Gadget Zone
Desert Palace Zone
Endless Mine Zone 1
Frigid Cove Zone
Gizmo Bastion Zone
Hard-Boiled Stadium Zone
Hardhat Havoc Zone
Press Garden Zone
Pico Park Zone
City Escape
Carbon Crucible Zone
Security Hall
Palmtree Panic Zone
Darkvile Castle Zone 2
Scarlet Gardens Zone
Motobug Motorway Zone
Star Light Zone
Gems Museum Zone
Media Studio
Metropolis Zone
Frozen Production Zone
Aqueduct Crystal Zone
Nova Shore Zone
Hydro City Zone
Honeycomb Hollow Zone
Wood Zone
Trap Tower
Diamond Dust Zone
Blue Mountain Zone 1
Blue Mountain Zone 2
Speed Highway
Brawl Fort Zone
Crystal Island Zone
Carnival Night Zone
Virtual Highway Zone
Dark Fortress Zone
Spring Yard Zone
Labyrinth Zone
Cyber Arena Zone
Neon Resort Zone
Hot Shelter
Sky Sanctuary Zone
Lost Colony
Death Egg Zone
Meteor Herd
Death Egg's Eye
765 Stadium Zone
Skyscraper Leaps Zone
Green Triangle Zone
Zoned City
Sunset Hill Zone
Tails' Lab
Power Plant
Savannah Citadel
Umbrella Rushwinds Zone
Avant Garden Zone
Bigtime Breakdown Zone
Vantablack Violet Zone
City Skyline Zone
Vantablack Atrium Zone
Chaos Chute Zone
Dimension Disaster Zone
Aurora Atoll Zone
Daytona Speedway Zone
Turquoise Hill Zone
Dead Simple
Martian Matrix Zone
Weiss Waterway Zone
Ice Paradise Zone
Sunsplashed Getaway Zone
Fae Falls Zone
Azure Axiom Zone
Dark Chao Garden
Hero Chao Garden
Hanagumi Hall Zone
Aerial Highlands Zone
Crispy Canyon Zone
Technology Tundra
Operator's Overspace
Whirl Waters Zone
Deluged Metroplex Zone
Mega Green Hill Zone
Mega Bridge Zone
Mega Lava Reef Zone
Mega Ice Cap Zone
Mega Scrap Brain Zone
Mega Emerald Beach
Mega Labyrinth Zone
Wavecrash Dimension 1
Nightfall Dimension 2
Voiddance Dimension 3
Cloudtop Dimension 4
Gravtech Dimension 5
Fungal Dimension
Astral Dimension
Espresso Lane Zone
Melty Manor Zone
Leaf Storm Zone
Lake Margorite Zone
Endless Mine Zone 2
Chaos Seraph Zone
Toy Kingdom Zone
Cyan Belltower Zone
Quartz Quadrant Zone
Aqua Tunnel
Water Palace Zone
Final Fall Zone
Aquatic Cathedral Zone 1
Aquatic Cathedral Zone 2
Haunted Ship
Robotnik Winter Zone
Dragonspire Sewer Zone 1
Abyss Garden Zone
Blizzard Peaks Zone
Frosty Courtyard Zone
Abyss Gate Zone
Vermillion Vessel Zone
Dragonspire Sewer Zone 2
Chemical Facility Zone
Coastal Temple Zone
Monkey Mall
Sonic's Schoolhouse
Record Attack Zone
Ramp Park Zone
Advent Angel Zone
Pestilence Zone
Crimson Core Zone
Las Vegas
Peanut Palace Zone
Hydro Plant Zone
Mega Collision Chaos Zone
Mega Star Light Zone
Mega Sandopolis Zone
Mega Aqua Lake Zone
Mega Flying Battery Zone
Mega Metropolis Zone
Mega Marble Zone
Sky Babylon Zone
Kodachrome Void Zone
Lavender Shrine Zone
Thunder Piston Zone
Dead Line Zone
Thunder Lab Zone
Malign Eggshrine Zone
SRB2 Frozen Night
Barren Badlands Zone
Shuffle Square Zone
Blue Mountain Classic
Angel Arrow Zone
Hidden Palace Zone
SRB2 Meadow Match
Armored Armadillo
Cadillac Canyon Classic
Diamond Dust Classic
Blizzard Peaks Classic
Launch Base Classic
Lavender Shrine Classic
Clucky Farms Zone
Dried Battledune Zone
Test Track Zone
Adventure Example Zone
This view only considers subcategories that apply to all levels. There are 6 more level-specific subcategories that apply. You can find more information by clicking on a level.
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in the past, the input display was just a suggestion and not a requirement, but due to recent developments in TAS recording, we have decided to make them mandatory for all runs from here on out

if you aren't sure how to enable it: user profiles -> accessibility -> input display on ![

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