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PC Version Setup
Orlando, FL, USA

Since a forum post was opened for the PC version but was left empty I'll give the levels required to beat the PC version in order of left-right top-bottom on the default 4x4 menu screen.

-Rules are for Tools -Wach-a-Wabbid -Bubble Bed Bonanza -Moo-ning Miami -Shop Till you Drop -Just Plane Dumb -Backwater Rabbids -Bubble Bed Blues -In the Nick of Time -Rabbid Free (Fire) Reaction -Super Racket [in the Market] -Till Rabbids Do Us Cart -Infectious Blues -High Stakes Steak -Country (County) Free-For-All -Totally Tubing

I forget where I obtained a copy of this, but it's in English, with some minor translation errors here and there. I do not know if there was an original English release or this was translated from French or German. I recently did a run on it off-camera and got 1:26:59.15, and it could most definitely go under 1:15:00. If you guys would like a link let me know, I'll post it.

WARNING: If your monitor runs at 144hz, TURN ON V-SYNC IN THE OPTIONS MENU (after you launch the game via the app, a little pre-game menu will pop up, and then another will after you press play. This is where you can press 'Options' to change your resolution and V-Sync)! If you don't turn on V-Sync, anything that moves (specifically in Bubble Bed Blues) will become insanely fast and make the level nigh-on impossible, as the characters move at the same speed regardless of framerate. At 60 FPS, moving objects still move fast but are much easier to deal with and can actually be passed.

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