Bonus 1 in 0m 17s 853ms by

Edit: Since this is for sure my last run I wanted to add a little more info in this post.

This game is a lot harder to play on console. I'm fairly sure it's because of the super gameboy but either way some stuff is a bit off-trajectory compared to emulator runs and some frames are just lagged out of existence so this sort of precision game is a lot harder to nail off emulator...weirdly enough...

But yeah. I tried to get a pb and was trying to just sub 20 for the last few sessions but on these last days of runs I tried to get a PB in ANY of the misc categories eventually (was chasing 1 more WR for a completion goal). I'd say I grinded for about 4-5 hours and then I got this opportunity.

The only way this could be better is if the ball went left upon entering bonus 1 (seemingly random?). You can see me flip the left flipper a few times thinking I could influence it somehow but guess not...That way you could do this in 4 flips in theory, but I clutched it out as fast as I think is possible for a right entry.

How about that instant entry INTO the bonus chamber though!? THAT'S what really makes this:

The god run.

On console.

7th World Record In 7 Days Across 7 Consoles On real hardware.

Fucking Legend.

God gamer status: Confirmed.

[Note: I just learned about the Super Gameboy running games 2.4% faster meaning with conversion...this time goes from 17.510 to 17.998 ...WHEW! That was a close one!)]

MOD NOTE: Retimed run at 17.433. Converted from use of SGB, 17.853

Bonus 1
First place
0m 17s 853ms
3 years ago
3 years ago