Doorskip Remapping Restrictions
1 year ago
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Hey all - it's been a while. I've recently been looking to get back into speedrunning this game in the doorskip category, but I noticed this little nugget in the rules:

"Remapping for analog skating ONLY is allowed."

Presumably this means that you can only remap the right analogue stick to trigger the run command. All other remapping is disallowed, which If true would preclude my participation, as I use a rather unconventional control layout.

Can anyone explain the rationale behind this rule?


i'm wondering this too actually


Yes, only analogue remapping for door skating is allowed. I don't know why though, I guess just to try and keep it as level a playing field as possible.

I'd seen some people running with non standard remappings when I first started and figured I'd try out some myself to help with mashing start on PS4 controller, and also to be able to close the inventory in one press instead of two. I think it was Pessimism that confirmed it wasn't allowed when I asked for confirmation before my first submission.

It's a pain but you'll probably get used to it surprisingly quickly. I guess maybe if you have a disability that makes controller use difficult that's a different thing. Would be interesting to see if there's any leeway there in that case.

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In case anyone is following this thread - I submitted a run using an altered button mapping besides the right analogue stick a few days ago, and as expected the run was rejected. I did request that the moderator leave a comment in this thread should they decide to reject the run, but as you can see that request has been overlooked or flat out ignored.

Controls can be remapped freely in speedrun submissions for RE1, RE2, RE3: Nemesis and even RE0 on PC. We're only talking about the Doorskip category for the game - the purists still have their venue in the Vanilla category. Additionally, as el_jojoh alluded to, this type of rule could prevent people who can't use a regular controller (or use one in a conventional way) from participating, so the justification really ought to be communicated clearly.


I'd love to get back into this game now that the new door skip mod is available, and I'll be posting my run on youtube when I do, but I'm certainly not going to adhere to this arbitrary remapping rule.

Due to my wrists I simply can't run the game that way, so it would be really nice to understand the reason behind excluding me from submitting here because of something that is beyond my control :)

Since it's been a month and not a peep of reasoning has appeared, I feel justified in concluding that there is no valid reason for doing so.

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It was originally justified in the original SRC page for this game before the split, I believe it was easier because you would also need to show the controller inputs to show it wasn't being macro'd, which still makes it a matter of skill and not cheating.. (Edit: This wasn't to accuse you of cheating or macro'ing, just making sure it didn't come across as such) Out of curiosity, what would stop you from using the thumbstick, what would your alternative be since it's more accessible than mashing required for vanilla.

Jump in the discord and hash it out with them, it'll probably be easier to get a real time answer that way

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@kestrel_ Q and @everyone.

         so what your saying is, you cant use the analog stick due to wrist issues? tapping Square is way worse on your wrist then analog skating ever could. The analog skating is showing that you guys are still using a  skill for the stairs. just like mashing square. rotating the analog stick still requires some skill. If you have wrist issues, this is the best possible way to play the game unless you use turbo macros which are banned.
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@MisterShwick: "so what your saying is..."

No. Nobody is objecting to the idea of using the right analogue stick for stair skating. We're objecting to the arbitrary restricting of any other button remapping besides the right analogue stick. For example, I use the left trigger to run. Why is this prohibited in a category that already permits a specific button remapping, for a PC game, in a series of games for which button remapping is universally permitted on PC?

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In all those other games, you are allowed to freely keybind those controls. HOWEVER, in remastered it does not. you have specific controller schemes. its not fully customizable. This game is unique in that sense. Sorry for the delay.

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This would make more sense if it weren't for Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster. That game provides the same type-based controller schemes and yet the rules do not prohibit button remapping using third party tools.

It should be stated that both games do allow you to keybind freely if you're playing using the keyboard, which only makes the decision to disallow controller button remapping in this particular game seem all the more arbitrary and inconsistent.

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i know I'm 6 months late but I'm pretty sure the reason for the rule's initial implementation is a result of PC/Console originally being combined and it being deemed an unfair advantage for PC to be able to remap in a way console could not. But it was allowed for doorskip since Console can't run doorskip by definition but for whatever reason there still being some hesitation to just allow people to map whatever crap they want. idk why, it's a default feature of Steam now.

but since then the Steam version became its own leaderboard so now the rule has no real function and could probably be removed with no particular issue. The original purpose of the rule was understandable, but no longer applies.

i doubt this will happen since apparently there was a rule implemented at Some Point in the past couple years where an input display is now necessary for doorskip. zero idea what the point of this is, I don't know what they're looking for or why it's applied to the only category where some input remapping is already allowed but weeeeeeee resident evil leaderboards babyyyyyyyyy


This topic is quite relevant to some of my thoughts on this current rule, I've decided to start running this game recently, learned the route and using the improved door skip mod. I wasn't exactly sure what the rule meant at first, whether it meant rebinding to stick ONLY for analogue stair skating or it actually meant binding was completely restricted to just the analogue for stair skating and no other inputs could be changed at all. I bound the Square button to R1 but was thinking about moving it to the trigger, it just felt much smoother having the thumb free when transitioning between analogue stair skating and tank controls, unlocking certain doors and interacting with certain objects. The in-game options almost accomodate this with layout E but not quite. Another thing to note is that on console these days, inputs can be remapped via the playstation menus and on the xbox accessories app, with no visible change to the in-game prompts and the Dualsense Edge can be remapped on the controller level and still transmit the outputs as default on pc, meaning remapping can actually be undetectable anyway, depending on what it's being used for. Any other remapping aside from stair skating seems like preference rather than a performance enhancer. I think there should definitely be a strong consideration to change the rule or some sort of vote on it.

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