Interest In Adding A New Speedrun Category
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Interest In Adding A New Speedrun Category
Norfolk, England

I'd Like To Put Forward A Question To the Speedruning Community.

I've Been Trying Out 'No Item Box' Casual Playthroughs/Speedrun Routing... It Has Significant Changes To Normal Speedruns ie Spider Fight Is Before Yawn 2... Pick Up The 2 Books Just Before Lisa etc

I Would Genuinely Like To Know If People Would Be Interested In Making This A New Speedrun Category?

I Would Appreciate The Feedback. Thanks!

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I think this could be interesting. Although I believe it would be a Misc/extension category. The mods could also add Handgun only and Shotgun only (Normal shotgun.)

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I'd run it :)

Rhône-Alpes, France

Sounds good, I always like the no item box challenge is Resident Evil

United States

Would make for a cool category extension

Norfolk, England

Handgun Only And Shotgun Only Would Be Interesting As Well...

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California, USA

Definitely an interesting category extension, I'll ask some of the other mods and other people in the community about it.

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Michigan, USA

I'm honestly all for it. I think it would definitely give the game a little more depth. Plus it's a pretty exciting category in my opinion. I also would love the idea of a handgun or a shotgun category. The more people voice their opinion or their interest in these categories the better. I tried a little bit of the no item box and honestly it was pretty fun. It's a big fat thumbs up from me on the no item box and handgun and shotgun category extensions.

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Norfolk, England

I need to try out 100%... Never got round to routing that to see if it's even possible

California, USA

Have you tried out any% as Chris? Because I know you do a lot of Jill runs, so I'm sure any% is possible as Jill but have you done any testing for Chris?

United States

no box sounds fun. how different the routing changes per character/% will be the decider I think though. like, if it just adds door touching tedium to ditch keys, maybe not interesting enough to be worth the extension. but if it flips routing order around, or puts new items in play, it may have legs. will need to see some runs to verify, I think. I could try it out in a couple of weeks if no one beats me to it.

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Count with me!

Norfolk, England

Yes it's possible with Chris... going to try and route out 100% tonight with both characters

Besides many people might think that Chris is harder to do any% on... I found it to be way easier even with 2 less inventory slots

I've already got the shot count down for bosses on real survival any%

May add that the way you ditch/use keys are different as well

I'll use livesplit when I do it to see how significant the routing changes

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New Mexico, USA

Handgun and shotgun only I'm personally on the fence about, because I don't think it'll add much routing difference overall, but I could be wrong. No item box though? I'm down to see how this one works. As WeirdRituals said, we just need to see some runs of it. I'll definitely be giving it a shot

Norfolk, England

Can't believe I'm saying this... I now don't think No Item Box should be a speedrun... the 100% Route is just too long and unnecessary... it feels more like a challenge run if anything

That's Just My Take On It

Having To Backtrack Through The Mansion 4 Times Is Just Not Worth It

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United States

I did a dry run of Chris Any% No Item Box. There's some slight differences to the route but I'm not sure if it would be considered major. Mansion 1 is the same, just extra door checking to dump the shield and armor key. No handgun obviously, just wait out the flash on Crimson. Mansion 2, pretty straight forward, just not picking up the blue and red book. I used the emblem key before heading to caves. After returning to mansion, I had to double back and get the stone and metal object from the wall, then pick up the red and blue books after putting those in the Lisa door. Again just my initial run, sure it could be better routed.

Norfolk, England

That is pretty much the run

Any% seems fun... just 100% im on the fence about

California, USA

Yeah Retro after my stream on Friday when you popped in, Any% seems pretty tolerable, but when I did 100% and having to go through mansion like 3 or 4 times I was like, this is so not worth it in my eyes. Challenge run definitely, but I'm not sure about a new category. Jill probably isn't too bad for any or 100% but Chris is a different story. I also thought about if maybe a Magnum route for Chris would be faster, but I don't know how many shots with the magnum it would take to down tyrant and super tyrant. Plus that would mean going through the whole game meaning doing elder, and P42 and all those knife only up until you finish the caves and are going back to grab the stone and metal object and both the books and picking up the magnum on the way there. But again I don't know the bullet count because I think you'd only be able to have 18 magnum shots for the whole lab, which I don't know is enough.

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