Change to Doorskip Categories
3 years ago

Hello everyone.

Starting on April 26th, all runs submitted to the doorskip categories must have inputs showing. We have come to this decision because of a remapping method that allows runners to achieve ridiculous skating speeds while not having to "perform" any motions. Runners should have to "perform" to earn their analog skating speeds.

Failure to show inputs when submitting to the doorskip categories will result in your submission getting rejected.

Here is a video showing the remapping method which will not be accepted on these boards. Thanks MajorJigglin for recording this for us!

That being said, here are two remapping methods that are accepted here. It is definitely encouraged to use one of these methods depending on your controller preference. Xbox Controllers: PS Controllers:

As for showing your inputs, here is a helpful site!

Thanks for reading this and good luck running!

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