Console Section for Speedruns (i.e. Switch and Xbox One)
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Console Section for Speedruns (i.e. Switch and Xbox One)
Michigan, USA

Hello. I am a very recent member of this community. I have Redout on the Xbox One and I would be interested in speedrunning this game on this console. The problem is that there is not an option for the Xbox One, nor are there any options for any consoles. I am curious to know why this is the case, and if the consoles can be added in as an option to play on. Thanks for reading.

Bavaria, Germany

As the pc version is the most popular version, there hasn't been anyone asking for anything else, but it should be possible for a supermod to add that as a variable.


Hi there! Thanks for pointing this out, I have added PS4 and Xbox One now. If I'm not mistaken, it will also be on Switch, but hasn't released yet? (I've not kept up with this game at all). Anyway when that is released we can also add that.

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