Autosplitter for Dash/Pure Faction

Pure faction splitter dll amended for dash faction useage - set up README is inside zip folder (direct download)

By Inth


Geo-mod skips and a few bonus OoB

This save file list has all the current strats for geo mod strategies (all of which are useable in an inbounds run) and a few extra OoBs that are unrelated to corners! :) the notepad file has a lot of text but its broken down into sections + shows the ideal rocket useage for each geo skip (direct download)

By IntharthIntharth

IL Save files (Easy)

Direct link to Faction Files website with all the save files for the IL category (external link)

By GooberGoober

Oob corner skips

A zip file with all the current RTA Out of bounds saves for practicing them! (read the readme inside!) (direct download)

By IntharthIntharth


Red Faction WR Splits

My splits that are the WR run, feel free to download this if you don't have times for the full run or you want the WR comparison! Ill update if WR gets changed :) (direct download)

By IntharthIntharth


Dash Faction Patches

Version is 1.3 (out of date) however applying the direct text to a website will take you to the correct website to get latest DF patch - this link will be updated soon to reflect a far newer patch (1.5), however following this will take you to the author, and you can download the 1.4 versions of the game to ! :) (external link)

By rafalh