Why was one of my runs not validated?
3 years ago

Hi, I'm new to this website and to the speedrunning world in general. I submitted both of my first runs and luckily, my fastest run has been validated, but the first one wasn't. I just want to know why, is there any way the moderator left a comment? Am I too dumb to find it?

United States

You can find your rejected run in "pending actions" on your profile page.. select the run and it will tell you the reason. you should have also gotten a notification saying the reason as well

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Suphan Buri, Thailand

Hi yossy now can you take my newest run to leader board , please

United States

@Kaimairu What now?

if you're asking me to verify your run all runs take time to be looked at and may take up to 1-3 weeks to be verified.

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Texas, USA

@Kaimairu give it some time they will get to your runs soon enough :)

Suphan Buri, Thailand

Thank you bro


you have to give the mods time. they examine ideas very carefully. since they are not online 24/7 either. the mods do a good job.

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