Nightmare knife only speedrun!
6 years ago

guys you should check out my knife only speedrun and perhaps make a leaderboard for it! please enjoy the commentary and guitar

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nice, but that isn't a category right now, i honestly didn't even know it was possible to speedrun it.

i think this needs to be made a category now since we know it's actually possible to speedrun, idk what the mods will think, but this should be a category.

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i personally believe every dlc should be on the boards and there is simply no reason to not have them on there. (other than people not running dlc categories alot)

Bedroom, Nightmare and Daughters in my opinion would be the most fun runs to do. (as they were fun originally to do)

i never knew why they didn't exist in the first place tbh, I'd love to run them and i'm sure some other people would love running them too.


thanks! i hope you enjoyed my video and the lovely guitar and conversation, if anything the Ethan Must Die will be hardest to speedrun since it's heavily RNG based!

Mazowieckie, Poland

I actually ran all DLC's some time ago. Like SuccinctAndPunchy said on discord, we dont want to see empty categories. One thing to do, is to clarify timing rules and we're ready to go. Ill record Night Terror and NT knife only when the rules will be set,




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i think the timing should start for the runs as soon as they load in.

as in as soon as you press "f" to start the run, also split at the same time.

just what i think tho


excellent work qvaku! but i think that the timing method for my nightmare is fine as i am playing on a console and not a PC please comment on my video if you have any further questions or want to discuss a leaderboard for DLCs, for some reasons i am not getting notifications to tell me you replied to my forum post, i just happened to see it when i read my own message here

Since this is a knife run place, are you allowed to use the pistol in the first mia fight I am getting ready to try a knife only run and would like to know the official rules for that run.