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As of today 19/11 we are releasing an improved version of the autosplitter we use for STEAM runs. Unfortunately, we cannot 100% assure that this will be the last time it is modified, because of how truly difficult it is to balance and make fair for everyone. If you find any issues with this autosplitter contact the mods and we will look into it. So why are we doing this again?

Because the previous timer:
1) did not remove all loads in their entirety (it stopped pausing before loadings were finished)
2) it had an un-finished feature called framecounter which attempted to compensate for frames (FPS) lost in-game converting them into time but unfortunately this led to the infamous checkpoint bug where the timer would sometimes go nuts and go backwards a couple seconds or even entire minutes after resetting a checkpoint anywhere and on another hand it created inaccuracy between runners since the time "compensated" by this feature was not consistent at all.
3) it wasn't global, meaning it didn't work for things like No Merchant and Easy/Amateur without having to create a whole new autosplitter file changing some things.

This newer timer features:
1) full load-removal (as far as we could test). If you notice a loading isn't entirely removed, bring it up with the mods and we will try to fix it with the people that created the script.
2) works globally, for any category you'd like to run
3) adds key item splits which will split whenever you pick up a key item that you can select and customize through Edit Splits -> Settings
4) less lag due to more concise and readable code

This new autosplitter should appear automatically on Edit Splits if you have RE4 Steam selected as the game. If you don't want key item splits or if you wanna keep using your previous splits, you can keep using the regular doorsplits and uncheck key item splits on the settings window.

This will not invalidate runs done with the previous LRT.

If you need them, you will find splits and the ASL file on the resources tab of this site.

If you have any questions, leave them down below.

All credit goes to Wipe, Yuushi and Mysterion for their work on this newer autosplitter!

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excuse me, i'm a latin american player of re4 and my autosplit ends 1-1 on first door, how can i fix that or put subsplits like "village", "farm" or any other pls? i was practicing and didn't understand how can use the new splitter


Hey KrossH,
Just follow these steps:
1.) rightclick livesplit and click edit splits.
2.) Select Resident evil 4 (Steam) and your category
2.1) below that ("under start timer at:" It should say "Auto Splitting and Load Removal are available. (By Wipefinger, Mysterion_06_. Yuushi)) there is a setting button, press that
3.) scroll all the way down and uncheck the mark on Door Split.

I hope this helped you! 🙂

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Mariku, thanks dude for the steps, i did yesterday but no save my settings, that was my problem and again end split in 1-2 with both hexagonal (uncheck mark items too), then after works normally, really thanks for help, i will submit more runs with your help 🙂

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