New (alternative) LRT based board for PC '07
1 year ago
Franche-Comté, France

Hey guys,

So an LRT was made for the PC '07 version, as you probably know, PC '07 was part (and still is) of the console board and is timed by IGT just like the old Steam board was and just like the Steam version, the IGT depends on the loading times which depend on your PC specs, that's why an LRT was made for this.

In order to include the LRT for PC '07 we had to move it to another board (to include the "Time without loads" feature which was not compatible with the console board), so here's the new board:


  • We're not taking care of that board, we are not mods there.
  • The current PC '07 on this board will not get removed and the board will remain the same, people can still submit times on this board (the times submitted will be IGT).
  • This board still is the official board for PC '07 as the new LRT hasn't really fully been tested, if people want to use the LRT and submit runs on the new other board at the same time they can.

The LRT was made by @LeonSReckon, any questions you may have should be asked to him, we're not responsible for that LRT and not responsible for that board.


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Orlando, FL, USA

Thank you so much for making everything clear to people the new board's "categories" should be prepared in like two days and all people can submit their LRT there and good luck to everyone Thanks,

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