Changes to the board
2 years ago

Hello everyone, I wanna announce a few changes we've made to this board to hopefully improve it.

  1. 1-1 blindfolded deleted
  2. Cheat% deleted
  3. NG and NG+ Glitchless merged into one category "Glitchless" separated into NG and NG+ with their respective difficulties.
  4. AA Knife Only, SW Knife only, and NG Knife Only merged into one category "Knife Only" separated into AA, NG and SW.

We are also looking to add new interesting, skill based and ideally short categories onto the board so if you have any ideas, feel free to leave them down below. The reason we deleted the two categories mentioned is because they were not active and were not very fun or interesting. We might delete some other categories as well.

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Pará, Brazil

I wish they would add One Weapon Only for SW+ being the weapons: SW+/Only Chicago SW+/Only Bowgun SW+/Only TMP SW+/Only Rifle (semi-auto) SW+/Only Handgun SW+/Only Shotgun SW+/Only Blacktail

And for SW: SW/Only Shotgun SW/Only Blacktail

These runs I already did in 2019 can be seen in my RE4 runs playlist.

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CE Board updates:

  1. re4tweaks category deleted for 3 reasons:
  • No competition at all since the day it was created.
  • The mod has received countless updates that provide even more advantages speedrun-wise and it will probably keep getting these making runs submitted obsolete over time.
  • The mod as of today has a lot of trainer and debug related things that could make it incredibly easy to cheat and incredibly hard to verify.
  1. One Weapon Only (MG) difficulties fully separated (from normal/pro and easy/amateur to the regular pro/normal/easy/amateur).

  2. One Weapon Only (SW) added with both New Game and New Game+.

  3. Level categories (Island, Castle, Village) replaced by chapter levels (1-1, 1-2, etc).

  4. All treasures difficulties fully separated (from pro, normal, and easy/amateur to the regular pro/normal/easy/amateur).

  5. No Merchant added to Glitchless.

  6. No Rocket renamed to One Rocket to avoid confusion, and timing of it changed from LRT to IGT.

  7. All rules are in process of being formatted better.

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  1. All categories now separated by platform (Steam, PC07, and all consoles).
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Pará, Brazil

▶ The Level categories (Village, Castle and Island) could be used for a category called "Segments" as was done in RE4's leaderboard PC07. ● IMAGE

▶ New category for Level Leaderboard SW+ Chapter X ● IMAGE

▶ New category "Softlock%" (which was created by me in October 2020). ● IMAGE

▶ RUN TIME RTA 2m 48s 750ms Time starts at 6.300 and ends at 2:55.050, at 20 fps. Retimed using SPRT. PC [EUR] on 2022-10-01